You can double or triple the outputs on the same ad expenditure. Exploit the best of the sales funnel. It intensifies the outcome by putting upsell or downsell on the same funnel. Your customer purchases 2 products and he opts for reviews. The review request sequence appears before him days apart, say 10 days.

Though Amazon allows no review on discount products, I have crafted a bulletproof technique to override the system. This 100% legit method violates none of the Amazon rules. For a start, my campaign offers no discount coupons. If the customer then leaves reviews for both of the products, those will be completely verified and totally valid.

Let us get into the details a bit more. A buyer shows interest in purchasing your product. Then the person confirms the order for 02 products. The confirmation triggers a review sequence from us that he separately receives 10 days apart. Thus he delivers reviews on both products and we earn fair reviews on both purchases.

We are responsible for an avalanche of Amazon reviews that are transforming the whole ballgame. You can also set this system up for your products. Just contact us. It will make you go insane. Apart from getting reviews, the latest campaign has arrived to rank your products.

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