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As a professional amazon consultant our agency serving 7-8 figure seller on amazon since 2016. Last couple of years we are seeing constant amazon TOS changing. Majority of seller have no idea how to co-op with amazon new TOS and re-design their marketing strategy. In this post we are going to discuss 5 most advanced amazon marketing strategy that help your amazon business into next label.

Stop for a second and think about your customer journey map from “not knowing your brand” to “becoming customer”

Need more help about that : click here to watch “What is customer journey map and how its works” I created a 30 minutes in-details video about it.  Watch it first and come back to post.

Now you may have little idea about CJM [ Customer Journey Map ] 

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Setup PPM – Post Purchase Marketing 

Post Purchase Marketing is all about interacting with your customer after they make purchase. Now we all know amazon not allow us to collect customer information. Here is how you can setup a PPM strategy for your private label brand.

1) Create an Instructional Video about your product that educate your customer to know more about the product itself. 

2) Create a TOS Complain Opt-in Sticker – If you ever purchase 

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