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Exclusiva specializes in comprehensive eCommerce solutions for Amazon, Walmart & shopify Platform.

We are an across-the-board Amazon consulting services agency in the USA. Our experts go all in to ensure your smooth growth in the most prominent global marketplace. Exclusiva eCommerce consultants are your go-to partners with breathtaking experience of over $2.5 billion in sales on the Amazon platform alone. Do you need an explosive surge in your business? You come to the right place.

How we work

When you choose Exclusiva Inc as your Amazon marketing agency, you’ll receive the benefit of our experience and expertise. We know Amazon inside and out. We’ll put all of that skill to work straight away for you.

Step 1: We begin with an account audit. This provides insight on your existing campaigns and identifies areas for optimization. The audit feeds into the strategy.

Step 2: We develop a strategy with very clear goals. As part of this, we work with you to identify your ideal shoppers and target audiences. The tailored strategy takes into your account your budget, product criteria and identifies optimum placements.

Why choose Exclusiva Inc?

Our Amazon  experts help sellers & vendors identify their target audiences, the best areas, places to place their products and how to effectively distribute marketing budgets. Resulting in increased sales and a lower ACoS! We use human brains to help optimize campaigns more efficiently and deliver great results. 

Competition to rank well has increased. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to have a strong strategy for Amazon Marketing.  

Our management service is tailored to your needs. When you sign up, you will be assigned the best suited Amazon ads specialist. We believe in regular contact and transparency. You will receive monthly reports that include task lists for the month ahead. 

We’re passionate about Amazon marketing and improving your results matters to us! Book a consultation to find out how we can help.

  • More than 6 years of experience of online marketing &  paid advertising across different platforms.
  • 75% of our clients are Amazon Sellers.
  • We are one of the very few agencies in the world who have access to Amazon’s Demand Side Self-Service Platform.
  • Every area of your account will be tested to see where we can place your advertising budget to maximise returns.
  • We’ll use all of our experience, knowledge and know-how to wring out every last sale from your marketing budget.
  • We will use reverse engineering “Marketing Method”, where we are going to ethically hack your competitors marketing strategy and implement the methods in your brand!
  • We will reveal a great secret of 4 funnel system social media blueprint for your brand which helps your brand to get maximum growth.


Mohammed Jamil

8-Figure Amazon Consultant & Coach. Launch + Brand Strategist


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